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The $RMFT Fan Token will give you the power to help La Casa Blanca make the right decisions, access VIP experiences, earn official products, and more.
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Be more than a fan

Fan Tokens gives you the power to influence decisions taken at the Real Madrid HQ.

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Own a share of influence of your team

Get in the driving seat and make the right decisions

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Real Madrdid Captain's ArmBand

RMFT asked token holders to choose a message for the Captain's armband.

Defensive Play of the Season

Fans were asked to choose the best defensive action of the season.

Match Day Message

Fans got the opportunity to choose an inspirational message for the team ahead of a match.

Friendly Wallets

Our wallet address is very user friendly, RMFT Tokenchain is a fork of ethereum, where the ethereum wallet can function as a recipient / sender of RMFT Token Assets, coins or tokens under our network.

Cross-Chain Transaction

The RMFT Tokenchain network can be connected to various protocols with a bridge system built using smart contracts.


In our RMFT Tokenchain network developers can build their own government through RMFT Token20 smart contracts, such as staking, lending, borrowing, etc, by deploying their smart contracts into our network.